Looking for Leather Bomber Jackets for Men?

Leather jackets are popular among men of all age groups. They have especially been the favorite fashion item for teenagers for the last many years now. Keeping in mind its vast popularity, manufacturers have come up with new designs, colors, and styles to increase their sales and to offer more variety to people who love wearing these. Leather bomber jackets are highly sought-after due to their elegant and classic look. Also known as the flight coat, it is made of thick material to keep the wearer warm. Originally, they were created for pilots to keep them warm in the freezing cockpits during World War I. For this purpose, leather was selected as it is a thick material with the ability to protect pilots from chilly environment.

The first ever bomber jacket came in a style that included high wrap collars, tight cuffs and thick wind flaps. Even after 90 years of when they were first created, they continue to be popular as a style icon.

Today, in the markets you can find a number of bomber jackets that are known as:

A-2 flight coat

G-1 flight coat

MA-1 flight coat

Not only are they popular for being stylish and protective, but the element of commemoration that they possess brings to mind a number of memories for people, since they have existed for a very long time now. Prior to the creation of above-mentioned styles, designs known as M-44 flight and A-1 flight were extremely popular. They were made using horsehide leather and seal skin. Jackets For Men Today, a bomber jacket is made using cowhide leather and goat skin. This is mainly due to the effort of meeting its extended demand in the market. These jackets have immensely gained popularity due to the fact that they are a favorite of many Hollywood actors. They often wear them in movies, which gives these a glamorized look and therefore they become more desirable for common men.

These jackets have the ability to reflect wearer’s personality. For instance, there are designs that are associated with manliness and being macho, while some others are synonymous with qualities such as honor, respect, prestige and adventure.

These have little more fabrication as compared to those that are designed for bikers. Available in two colors, that is, black and brown, these look very stylish and trendy. Here are some of the ideas for wearing these to get a stylish Hollywood star look:

They complement well with blue denim jeans

You can also try them with gray cargoes

If you are looking for a grunge look, you can add accessories, such as chains, to it.

Although originally meant to be used in cold weather, the modern bomber jerkins and coats come with removable linings. Thus, it is also suitable to wear in spring and summer. When buying one for yourself, make sure you check the following:

They must have thick cuffs

Waist should be ribbed with strong elastic

Must have heavy-duty brass zipper and collar straps

Searching for bomber leather jackets for men? We have a large variety that you can take a look at. All our jackets are available in several different sizes so that you can pick the one that best suits you.

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